Best data recovery software of 2022

Various system failures, viruses, or even banal inattention can cause important files or images to disappear from your computer. To correct an unpleasant situation, you need to know what programs exist for restoring information, where they can be downloaded, and whether they are free. Here is more about it.

The purpose of a data recovery software

For those who work professionally at a computer, losing valuable information can be their worst nightmare. Various situations will lead to data loss. It may be a failure caused by damaged equipment or files accidentally deleted by the user. Often we tend to delete files, folders, photos, and videos from our data set only to realize later what a critical mistake we made. Sometimes, even by accident, you may hit the delete button for some important data.

Some of us are too lazy to back up important files and folders from time to time. Although it is recommended to use data backup and disk cloning software to keep our important data set safe, it will save us a lot of trouble later.

In such a situation, there is no need to worry because this is no longer impossible with the technologies of our time. Recovering deleted data or restoring deleted files is very easy. Data recovery is retrieving lost or inaccessible information from a damaged hard drive. But the industry is not limited to this, offering data recovery on CD / DVDs, magnetic tapes, “flash drives,” memory cards, RAID arrays, and other storage media.

There are two main recovery options: specialized software or a company that provides the appropriate services. The first option is cheaper, but it does not help in all situations with data loss. Therefore, when choosing, be guided by what will be optimal in the circumstances.

The best data recovery software alternatives in 2022

We have chosen 5 the most preferred data recovery services among users in 2022. They are as follows:

  1. Recuva

It is the best free data recovery tool. This tool can recover files from hard drives, DVDs or CDs, memory cards, and external drives. There are many free file recovery software out there, but few can match Recuva regarding hard drives and photo recovery. This app also offers many benefits like advanced deep scan mode, secure overwrite feature using industry deletion methods, ability to recover files from damaged or newly formatted files, and easy user interface.

  1. Stellar Data Recovery Professional

It is also considered one of the best file recovery solutions. The utility easily copes with recovering lost information on laptops, computers, external hard drives, etc. The recovery software can recover data from damaged, scratched, or even partially burned optical media with the original name and original folder structure.

  1. TestDisk

It is open-source software that was created to get back lost partitions and fix non-bootable drives. With features and a file recovery system that can easily outshine the memory of any other data recovery software, TestDisk has a lot to offer novices and experts alike.

  1. Puran File Recovery

It is one of the best file recovery software available on the market. Its ease of use and deep scan capabilities make it better than most other data recovery software. The service will do all the work for your disks, including files, folders, photos, videos, music, or even disk and disk parts.

  1. PhotoRec

It is widely known for its powerful file recovery on various devices, from digital cameras to hard drives. It is specifically designed to recover data from hard drives and CDs, such as images, videos, documents, etc.